Existential Mystery

We all live in the present momentary existence, although aware of our of our past that gives us our unique identity, helping us to remember some experiences, and block out others, and aware of the directions that we want to go in the future, which could be the next moment, or far off in time in an increasing time dimension of the future, similar to the backward past that we cannot go back to. And we alternate between our mental creation of events or happenings, while keeping a sense of connection to the immediate reality of our existence, performing “duties” of life in the moment, and following activities at the call of our unique personal and social demands and expectations.

The forces that guide us come from different directions: our unique personal life and history, social and cultural upbringing, our genetic endowment and biological forces through the evolutionary process,  and the life force and the Universal force that exists within us as human beings, as living beings, and embodiment of expression of cosmic existence, perhaps related to  the Big Bang and perhaps to the Big Crunch process of the Eternal Ever Changing and Moving Reality. The whole picture  is mysterious and unknowable to us as human beings except in bits and pieces that one can comprehend through a given limitation of our human mind. This is analogous to   to what philosopher Kant has called the categories of mind that allows us only to know only  the world of Phenomena, but the Ultimate Reality, the Noumena is beyond our reach. Independent of our wealth, status, and beliefs, we all have in our deep down a sense of existential mystery and are bound in a cosmic journey together at this moment as we communicate with each other.

As human beings we have the capacity to project into the future, and we all come to accept the Reality of Unknown, as unpredictable events happen in our lives, and we are confronted with the Reality of Death– the the Ultimate Experience of the Unknown, and many have come believe in God as  entity that only knows what is there for us in the future, as we journey to the Unknown Future. From a science based knowledge perspective, we are told that the Earth is not only moving around the Sun, but the Sun also moving around the Galactic Center, the Milky Way, at approximately 118 miles per second to go around in 240  million years, So we really do not know where the Sun is dragging all of us to the next second of our existence.  Science and Religion both in some ways affirm this Unknown Existential Mystery. It gives a sense of Unity to all US! At the same time awareness of existential uncertainty gets manifested in myriad ways in our  life.

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