Reality of the Immediate Present

Our conscious experience and thoughts often shift from past memories to present experience of our thoughts and feelings and awareness of the immediate environment. At other times, we have thoughts about future expectations, projecting what will happen to us and to the world around us, or  what we want to do or what we think  that can or cannot happen. We may have also fantasies that merge our thoughts from past, present, and the  future.  But in all these experiences, the Reality is the Experience of the Immediate Present Moment of our Life, as it is the  Only Reality  we see or experience. at the moment of our conscious existence.  In a way  past is past, they are  gone or not experienced in the present.   Memories we have or things that we see in the present are the evidence that we surmise to be from the Past,  The Future that we project is Not Real yet.  So the only  Reality that we deal with is the Present Moment of our Existence, as we Move from One Moment of experience of Reality to Another.    As human beings,  we are somewhat freed from the  instinctual inherent biological based constraints of thinking, unlike other known living creatures around us, and  we can anticipate and project into the future, and we  have more of  a sense of Uncertainty of Living and Dying facing the Unknown Future.

For many, the  religious faiths and beliefs that God knows everything and decides our Fate  help us to deal with the Unknown Reality of the Future Moments, including the life here and whatever comes after death. This helps to deal with our Existential Anxiety in trying to cope with the Uncertainty of our Everyday Living Experience.

From a science based knowledge of astronomy perspective, one believes that  everything that we see, planets, stars, galaxies are always moving in the Universe,  presenting an Unknown experience for all of us. For example,the Sun is revolving around its own Galactic Center of Milky Way (which comprises some 200 plus billions of Suns) at an approximate speed of 118 miles per second to make one revolution in some 240 million years  This means that no human being, not even the human race, has had the experience where the Sun is dragging the Earth and all of us with it every next second of our existence, as we, the human beings as Homo Sapiens Sapiens  have been around only for 30,000-40,000 years or so.  This Reality of the Unknown in a way is common to both religious faiths and Science,  proclaiming the notion that  no human beings can comprehend the Uncertainty of our living experience.  Thus Science and Religious Faiths, in a symbolic manner,  point to the same direction of the Unknown Reality of the Future, and such a Reality  can only be comprehended by God and Nature.

Please  note, this is one of the series of blog postings by Mohiuddin Ahmed,  under the blog tittle of Existentialperspectives, created in 2014.  Any unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.  Excerpts and links can be used provided full and clear credit is given to Mohiuddin Ahmed and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content      


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