Existential Perspectives

This site will reflect on the existential perspectives that we all human beings at one time or another in our everyday conscious experience reflect on or think about. It goes to the core experience of feeling “being unique,” with the awareness of being confined to one’s own individual physical existence- seeing, sensing, and behaving from one’s own personal perspectives, and feeling in some ways of “not knowing others,” and feeling being “all alone,” “imprisoned” in our bodies, but at the same time having the thought that all human beings in their conscious experience feel the same from time to time. It is a personal search that we all perhaps engage in or reflect on as human beings, constantly reaching out to others around us, and trying to make some sense of connection to everything that we see around us.

I will be posting from time to time my personal reflections, thoughts, and ruminations about my own existential experience, mirroring perhaps experiences of others, as well as post my thoughts drawing from my interests in philosophy, clinical psychology, astronomy, as they relate to our existence.





In midday, I would sit down on the picnic table with a glass of wine, and a sandwich of bagel, cream cheese, onion, and lox (smoked salmon), and read the latest article on cosmology in Scientific American – thinking about the bursts of innumerable big bangs on the space balloon instead of one Big Bang from one point of Singularity causing the bubbles of matter to congregate on space balloon surface of the universe at different points, and the expansion of our known Universe some 15 billion years ago, and how this expansion is being accelerated with a mysterious anti-gravity force, Dark Energy, which, with Dark Matter that we don’t see are supposed to make up approximately 96 percent of everything in the Universe… How the Bing Bang led to the formation of stars, galaxies, black holes, and in our own Milky Way causing our own Earth to revolve around the Sun, and the other planets around their mother stars, and all the stars around the galactic center, possibly consisting of a massive black hole formed from the ancient dead exploded stars.

And then ponder how the galaxies formed clusters, gobbling each others -the big galaxies colliding and merging with the smaller ones- the Cosmic rule that gets repeated in life cycles of our own earth, big fish eating the small ones, strong nations or tribes or people dominating the weak, a process  that pervades human history, and so on.

And then may think about my own breathing, awareness of this feeling of being alive at the moment, inhaling and exhaling, contracting and expanding, reflecting the universal principle of all life forms, and reflecting also on the repetitive process of expansion and contraction of our own Sun, which keeps a balance between its own gravity pull inward and the emission and dispersion of energy, the giving of light, the source of all life on earth, in its life cycle of converting hydrogen to helium, and the Universe itself in its own eternal cosmic life cycle of Big Bang (expansion) and Big Crunch (contraction).

And then reflect on how the plants trees, the river, beyond, and  blue sky, and  Sun are all related, and take this momentary living experience for what it is, not knowing where the next moment of our existence will lead to, and somehow see the connection to everything that I see around me, and then feel the presence of the Ever Present Mysterious Creative Force that is behind everything that I see around me, around us, within me, within us, and in all of the living and non-living things that I see and don’t see in my conscious experience.

Please  note, this is a  series of blog postings by Mohiuddin Ahmed, existentialperspectives.wordpress.com created in 2014.  Any unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.  Excerpts and links can be used provided full and clear credit is given to Mohiuddin Ahmed and existentialperspectives.wordpress.com with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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