One to Many and Many to One

One to Many and then Many to One: A Convergence of Science and Religious Faiths

Astronomy tells us that the Universe we see all around us: Stars, Galaxies (seen through our telescopes), and all the living and non-living beings, were “born”(created) from a Point of Singularity (an element with no dimension but with infinite energy potential) with a Big Bang (some 13+ billions years ago), which created a  rapid expansion of force and matter resulting in the visible Universe that we see today. The Universe that we see is supposedly composed of 96% of Dark Matter (that we don’t see) and Dark Energy ( the anti-gravity force that accounts for faster acceleration of the Universe above and beyond the accelerations due of Big Bang explosion), and only  4% of visible matter that comprises all the the livings and non-livings in the Universe that we now see or potentially will see.  In this this sense, everything evolved and differentiated from One Whole (Point of Singularity), and this process of differentiation from the One  Whole is still going on, The concept of Mathematics, as I understand, is to capture the structure of the Universe using  a process of  infinitely possible defined formulas to divide a Whole , allowing human science to explain infinite ways to reflect the different and potential  aspects  of the Universe. This is analogous to reflect the Reality of Many from One.   Many astronomers also believe that at some point of the Acceleration process of the Universe, the  expansion process  will begin to slow down and start Decelerating (The Big Crunch) to the point that all the different and discrete things in the Universe will collapse again to a Point of Singularity(becoming One Whole again). And this is analogous to Many-to-One,  and the process may repeat itself infinitely (the process of creation of recreation of many Universes that many Eastern religious faiths believe).

Religious faiths of human beings in some ways reflect this: the One to Many.   In spite of differences in practices of faiths in different cultures and societies. The concept of God reflects the Supreme One, who created everything that we see in this World, so Many came from One. Human concept of what happens to living creatures (human beings after death) also reflects a sense of “return” to the Oneness, through a special relationship to One, the originator and creator of Everything , and this  concept and its symbolism  may vary from culture to culture, but the essence remains the same.:the “longing” for diverse elements of the Universe (e.g., human spirits) to Return to Oneness in some form and giving human beings a sense of Eternal Reality that we crave for.

Please  note, this is one of the series of blog postings by Mohiuddin Ahmed,  under the blog tittle of Existentialperspectives, created in 2014.  Any unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.  Excerpts and links can be used provided full and clear credit is given to Mohiuddin Ahmed and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.       

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